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    Dhaka to Darjeeling by Road (A to Z guidance)

    Visa: It is not difficult to go to India as a Bangladeshi visitor, getting a visa from the Indian High Commission is simple for Bangladeshi. Indian Government executed a few open doors for the Bangladeshi guests. Most importantly, you need to gather visa from Indian High Commission in 'By Road Category' through Changrabandha fringe in light of the fact that the outskirt is closest to Darjeeling from Bangladesh.

    Bus Selection: Every day some air conditioner transport or Non-air conditioning transport leaves from Gabtoli, Dhaka to Burimari the third biggest land port of Bangladesh. The admission of the non-air conditioning transport is 600-650 TK and AC transport 850 TK with the Hanif, SR, Manik Express and Shyamoli. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you go to with the Shyamoli transport need to pay 1500 TK as they slice ticket to Siliguri. It will be insightful to pick another transport benefit without Shyamoli in light of the fact that it conveys you to Burimari outskirt with AC transport yet from Changrabandha to Siliguri what sort of transport benefit sitting tight for you there is no assurance. As the transport organization has no control past the outskirt, it is controlled by the merchant.

    It will be savvy to settle on associate degree AC transport till to Burimari within the middle year season to stayyourself new.

    Journey: Most of the bus kicked off the journey from Gabtoli to Burimari around 8 pm as you reach at the Burimari border around 6-7 am.
    Reaching the border, take your breakfast in Bangladesh side.
    Then cross the immigration (Bangladesh-India).
    When you reached in Changrabandha while not day off sit down on the Jeeps left for Siliguri.
    Because you have got to stay in mind you need to reach Darjeeling by afternoon.

    You can reserve a landrover if guests additional, otherwise you sit down on the landrover in sharing inside 250 rupees.
    More than 3 hours you would like to achieve Siliguri.
    Perhaps inside one pm, you reach the Siliguri wherever take your lunch inside one hundred twenty rupees, if being late didn’t need to take the lunch in Siliguri.
    Please obtain associate degree Indian SIM card to stay connected with the country confer with Bangla Desh per minute price a pair of rupees with the facility load beside you'll be able to active
    data pack.
    Then you sit down on the landrover for Darjeeling with two hundred rupees per head otherwise you will reserve a landrover inside 1500 TK.
    Only by 3 hours, the jeep will reach you the mountain rounded state Darjeeling.

    Hotel Booking: you'll be able to get a typical edifice inside 1000-1200 rupees with wireless local area networkfacilities and predicament.
    Keep your mind that everything becomes closed by eight pm in Darjeeling therefore you have got to book a edificeand end your dinner by eight pm in the dead of night.

    Where you Visit:
    First Day: get on my feet at three o’clock within the morning and attend Tiger Hill.
    You will see sun raising that touched Himalaya ice.
    Then try and visit all day long rockery, sleeping station, zoo, and tea garden.
    There area unit many mosques in Darjeeling should try and see giant mosques.

    Second Day: come into being the journey for the Kangchenjunga, it's isolated from the Darjeeling town whereveryou see a aspect of the mountain range.

    Third Day: If you would like come|to come back} to return visiting Mirik, a picturesque tourist spot.
    But it'll be informed reside Mirik because it is nearest to Siliguri wherever you keep an evening at an inexpensiveprice.
    Don’t stay here more than a day.
    Fourth Day: get on my feet early at morning and come into being the journey for Siliguri from Mirik.
    Only 2 hours have to be compelled to return to Siliguri from Mirik and 3 hours have to be compelled to returnborder from Siliguri.
    Keep in mind once half dozen pm all the activities of the border area unit closed.

    Immigration Cross:
    During to Go: There area unit some brokers assist you within the border exchange of two hundred TK to cross the 2 borders (Bangladesh-India).
    Keep an eye fixed on the broker once giving passport them.
    If you would like, you can cross the immigration alone.
    Keep in mind don’t give any rupees with the passport if having rupees ignore it. Keep some dollars with you.
    Don’t tell quite five-six thousand what proportion you have got.

    During to Return: within the 2 aspect of immigrating should raise you what have you ever bought, you tell that have bought some essentials product for the family.
    How much did you price for the looking try and avoid giving a solution to the question?
    If told not more than five-six thousand.
    Besides some brokers additionally assist you returning the country exchange of one hundred fifty TK.
    Keep in mind a thing doesn’t buy a product more than four pieces and keep your products in the bag mixed with an old and new product.
    Money Exchange: Please flip your Bangla TK into rupees at the Changrabandha as a result of you may not get an honest rate in Darjeeling.

    Where you Shopping: It will be wise to buy some cold clothes from Darjeeling beside you can buy some tea packets. Other shopping would be better off in Siliguri.
    Where You Eat: There some sensible restaurants in Darjeeling to eat.
    You can attend before of the large house of God to dine in Muslim Restaurants.

    When You Go: it'll be foolish to Darjeeling throughout the season, from September to January is a good time to enjoy the Darjeeling tour.

    How Much Cost:
    Dhaka to Burimari (850 TK + Bribe in border 150TK + Changrabandha to Siliguri 250 TK + Siliguri to Darjeeling 200 TK= 1450 TK.
    Hotel cost 500 TK per person per night.
    Food all day 500 TK per person.
    If you employed a landrover for the full day are going to be price 2200-2500 TK.

    It is off-season rate; within the season half-hour price are going to be augmented therefore do the mathematicsin step with your journey season.

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