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    Travel Countries without Visa with Bangladeshi Passport

    Among world's 80 powerful passports , Bangladesh is 67th where Bangladeshi passport holders can visit 50 countries without Visa! US and UK got world's most influential passport while they can travel 147 countries without Visa.

    According to multiple internet sources we have ensured 47 countries. And these are mentioned below;

    Countries where you don't need any visa if you are having Bangladeshi passport:

    1. Bahamas (Four weeks)
    2. Barbados (Six months)
    3. Dominica (Six months)
    4. Fiji (Four months)
    5. Gambia (Three months)
    6. Grenada (Three months)
    7. Haiti (Three months)
    8. Jamaica
    9. Lesotho (Three months)
    10. Malawi (Three months)
    11. Micronesia (One month)
    12. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (One month)
    14. Trinidad and Tobago
    15. Vanuatu (One month)
    16. Montserrat (Three months)
    17. Tarek and Sisero Island (One month)
    18. British Virgin Islands (One month)
    19. Niue (One month)

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    Countries where you can visit without Visa but after arriving those countries you must take on arrival visa:

    1. Bhutan
    2. Bolivia (Three month)
    3. Cape Verde
    4. China
    5. Comoros
    6. Guinea-Bissau (Three month)
    7. Indonesia
    8. Madagascar (Three month)
    9. Maldives (One month)
    10. Mauritania
    11. Mozambique
    12. Nepal (One month)
    13. Nicaragua
    14. Timor-Leste
    15. Togo (Seven days)
    16. Tuvalu
    17. Uganda
    18. Burundi
    19. Djibouti
    20. Azerbaijan
    21. Macau

    Countries where you can Visit if you have Bangladeshi passport but you need special permission: 

    1. Cuba (Need tourist card, Validity three months)
    2. Samoa
    3. Seychelles (Just need travel approval, Validity two months)
    4. Somalia (If anyone give you sponsor from this country then you can get visa after arrival, which has one month validity.)
    5. Sri Lanka (You need electric approval letter, Validity one month)
    6. Laos (No need for visa if you have govt. travel papers)

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