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    Bangladeshis can go to that country without a visa | Bangladesh passport visa free countries

    Bangladesh passport visa free countries:
    As a Bangladeshi you can boast. Because without a visa you can travel to 5 countries with the passport of Bangladesh. Financial advisory firm Orton Capital has compiled a list of influential passports, where Bangladesh is ranked 5th.

    According to Orton Capital-controlled Passport Index.org website, Bangladeshi passport holders can travel in 5 countries without a visa. In some of these countries Bangladeshi passport holders do not need any visa. In almost all the rest of the country, you have to get an 'on arival visa'. And, different arrangements apply to both countries.

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    The passport index dot.org lists the impact of passports from different countries up to 5, where Bangladesh is ranked 1. The list is based on the number of people traveling to another country without a passport holder visa. In addition to Bangladesh, passport holders from Micronesia and Togo can travel to 5 countries without a visa. The list of countries in the list of passport impact countries is Afghanistan 4 (no visa required in that country), India 1 (visa 1), Pakistan 4 (visa 1), Maldives 1 (visa 1), Nepal 4 (visa 1), Bhutan. Visa 1), Sri Lanka 3 (Visa 1).
    The United Kingdom and the United States are the most influential passports in the world. The number one country on the list can go to two countries without a visa with two passports. At the bottom of the list are Saotam and Principe, Palestine, Solomon Islands, Myanmar and South Sudan. Only 25 countries have passport access without visa to these countries.

    Although Bangladeshi passport holders have been allowed to enter the country without visa, PerseportDesk.org did not release the list of countries. And Wikipedia and the embassies of different countries have confirmed the following 5 countries.

    According to Wikipedia and the Embassy of various countries, the countries that do not require a visa for passport holders in Bangladesh are:

    1. Bahamas (Up to four weeks)
    2. Barbados (six months)
    3. Dominica (six months)
    4. Fiji (four months)
    5. Gambia (three months)
    6. Granada (three months)
    7. Haiti (three months)
    8. Jamaica
    9. Lesotho (three months)
    10. Malawi (three months)
    11. Micronesia (one month)
    12. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (one month)
    14. Trinidad and Tobago
    15. Vanuatu (One Month)
    16. Montserrat (three months)
    17. Turks and Cicero Islands (one month)
    18. British Virginia Island (one month)
    19. Macronesia (one month)
    20. NY (one month)

    Bangladeshi passport holders can leave without a visa, but there are countries where visas need to be reached:

    1. Bhutan
    2. Bolivia (three month visa)
    3. Cape Verde
    4. Comoros
    5. Guinea-Bissau (three months)
    6. Madagascar (three months)
    7. Maldives (one month)
    8. Mauritania
    9. Mozambique (one month)
    10. Nepal (one month)
    11. Nicaragua (three months)
    12. In Timorlestown (one month)
    13. Togo (seven days)
    14. Tuvalu (one month)
    15. Uganda
    16. Burundi
    17. Djibouti (one month)
    18. Azerbaijan (one month)
    19. Macau (one month)

    If you do not need a visa if you have a passport in Bangladesh, the countries that require special approval are:

    1. Cuba (Tourist card must be collected, expiration three months)
    2. Samoa (only if the permit is valid, expires two months)
    3. Seychelles (must have travel allow, expiration one month)
    4. Somalia (Visa can also be reached if sponsored by anyone in that country, whose expiry is one month. However, it must be reported at the airport two days before arriving in Somalia).
    5. Sri Lanka (electronic authorization for travel, one month expiration)
    6. Laos (Visa is not required if there is a government travel document)

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