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    Learning easiest in Germany | Education in Germany

    Germany's higher education is considered to be excellent throughout the world, and the degree of German University has a very high degree. Almost 400 universities in Germany offer the best facilities for students to study and research. In the list of British magazine 'Times Higher Education', 11 universities in Germany are ranked among the world's 200 Best Universities.

    The stronghold of prestigious institutions - Germany has many renowned Universities in Germany. A total of 17 universities are listed on the list of 250 outstanding Universities of the world. QS World University was ranked 49th in the 2014-15 ranking. Being associated with its 50 Nobel Prize winners increases its reputation.

    Students' choice- In international students in Germany, second place after China is Indian students. According to the data of the German Academic Exchange Service, the number of Indian students enrolling to get education here has increased by more than 100 percent since 2008. The compulsion to learn German language was a major obstacle for Indians students. For this reason so far, the US, UK, Australia and Canada were the only Indian students' choice. But by starting many courses in the English language, Germany has overcome the obstruction caused by language.

    Upcoming Expenses - Any student has to primarily incur expenses such as housing, health insurance, semester tax etc. They have to spend approximately 670-740 euros. The cost depends also on which city your educational institution is in.

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    Education system - The German Institute of Education also offers a large number of Bachelor Degrees to Master and Doctorate for international students. Here are two types of institutions for higher education.

    University for research - these include technical universities. A doctoral degree can be obtained from these.
    University of Applied Sciences - These institutions are directly related to enterprises. These mainly provide practical knowledge. These include emphasis on courses like engineering, social sciences, design and business operations.

    Eligibility - In place of 12 years of school education in India, admission in Bachelor Degree after 13 years of education in Germany. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the Bachelor Degree here either that you have passed the first year in a desired subject from a recognized university in India, have passed the entrance examination of IIT for admission to the subjects of technical or natural science or You have passed the qualification rating of Germany.

    Application Process - For most courses you can apply directly to the International Office of the University concerned. Or, centralized admission portal for international students can get the help of Uni Assist, which is one of the services run by the German Academic Exchange Service.

    Visa - Student visa is required for teaching in Germany. If you are not able to get admission as a student, then the applicants can go to Germany on visa. In addition to staying here for more than 90 days, it is also necessary to get a residence permit before the end of this period. You must also certify financial resources to stay here.

    Must hold a strong German / English language - German medium must have a strong hold in the German language for the study of a course in the German medium. To prove your qualification, you have to give a test. Too O.F.L. for courses taught in English Or IELTS Scores are seen.

    Work Permit - Full-time students can work here for four months without any work permit. After getting a degree from Germany, you can search for a job for one and a half years here.

    Scholarship - Many German institutions offer scholarships to international students. German academic exchange service, many religious organizations, enterprise institutes, etc. also provide scholarships. For more information, contact the German Embassy can be contacted.

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