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    Cosmetic Refrigerators Are Very Cute, But Are They Necessary?

    Keeping your beauty products at a low temperature and ready to go on Instagram is the latest trend in the cosmetic industry.

    'Cosmetics Kit' - Image Credits: Flickr Under Creative Common Licence

    However, it is not clear that the cold applied to the products really serves something. They are invading Instagram. They are cute; they are presented in idyllic bathrooms and with perfectly placed products.

    They are the refrigerators for cosmetics, the latest trend of the beauty industry that judging by the amount of photos that the hashtag #beautyfridge accumulates is on its way to becoming one of the great fashions of this season.

    As they explain on the website of The cosmetics fridge, one of the brands that manufacture them, they are designed to store your cosmetics in an orderly way, keep them in good condition for longer and make your space more prepared than ever for Instagram.

    The beauty fridge, another of the brands of mini-refrigerators for the bathroom, ensures that having one of these small refrigerators your beauty routine goes to a higher level. Active ingredients such as vitamin C or retinol can be affected by heat or direct sunlight.

    Keeping them in the dark at a low temperature is the only way to ensure they don't lose their properties. From this Australian firm they advise cold storage of masks, especially those that are applied around the eyes, mists, for the purpose of looking for the cooling effect, and organic products to keep natural ingredients fresh.

    They provide an example of an ideal product for cold storage of Lush face masks. But, we are facing a simple marketing strategy or we really need to incorporate one of these apparatus in our lives. I think it would only be necessary in very specific cases.

    Cosmetics usually come prepared to stay in perfect condition at room temperature. In fact, this is how they are in stores. In the case of BodyShop, I would recommend keeping the peppermint gel for the legs and the yogurt body line cold, but not because it is necessary but because of the sensation of applying these products at a low temperature, explains Marisa Gomez, the person in charge of brand communication.

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