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    Free study Denmark: Advantages Or Disadvantages of study in Denmark

    Free study in Denmark

    Just like in the other Scandinavian countries, free public education is very important in Denmark. The Danish population sees it as natural that study is free for everyone. And since we are nationals of an EU Member State, we can also make use of this right. European law allows a country to discriminate against kidneys by nationality and to treat EU citizens the way it treats its own people. Although Denmark is known as a country that does not like foreigners, this is not the case for international students. They are more than welcome. In fact, Danish universities, such as the University of Copenhagen, are doing everything to attract more international students. So what are you stopping? Studying abroad is great, especially when you can do a free study there. Now let's discuss the practical issues by looking at the pros and cons of studying in Denmark.

    Overview of countries where you can study for free
    In my special Study abroad: free study overview you can find exactly in which countries you can study for free and practical information per country is also provided.

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    Benefits of a Study in Denmark
    Free study in Denmark, no tuition fees
    This is of course the most important advantage. There is simply no need to pay tuition fees. However, the books must be paid for and in the case of some universities and high schools also a one-time registration fee to cover the administrative costs.

    High quality of education
    Education in Denmark is very well regarded in the world and in Scandinavia. For example, many Norwegians are currently coming to Denmark to study to enjoy both high-quality training and the cheaper standard of living. If you believe the rankings, the Danish universities and colleges are always high on the list. Compared to the Netherlands, education is of the same level and in some cases higher. Depending of course on which faculty you study. But most importantly: your diploma is of a good level and will be accepted everywhere. You can find the English-language programs offered on the websites of the universities and colleges. These are also available via bachelorsportal.eu and mastersportal.eu, but not every university or study program is represented on it.

    List of Danish Universities:
    Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
    IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
    Roskilde University (RU)
    Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    University of Copenhagen (KU)
    University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
    Aalborg University (AAU)
    Aarhus University (AU)

    List of Danish High Schools:
    Copenhagen University College of Engineering
    Danish School of Media and Journalism
    Engineering College of Aarhus
    Metropolitan University College
    University College Capital
    University College Lillebaelt
    University College of Northern Denmark
    University College Sealand
    University College South Denmark
    VIA University College

    Good English spoken and Danish language course
    Good English is spoken everywhere in Denmark and you will therefore know everything about it. However, if you would like to learn the Danish language, you can. Universities often offer Danish Courses that start before the start of the academic year, but also during the academic year. In addition, you can also follow free Danish study lessons through the municipality (Kommune) at times of your choice (often in the evening). You only need to register with the city to get your CPR number (citizen service number). Since you are there as a student, it is not difficult at all.

    Free healthcare
    Yes, you hear it right! No more health insurance required. If you are registered with the authorities in Denmark, you will receive a "yellow card" (healthcare card) and you will be assigned a doctor. Be aware that dentists are not reimbursed in Denmark and if you have to go to the dentist there it can be an expensive joke.

    Great experience abroad when studying abroad
    Denmark is one of the most pleasant and safe countries to study abroad. And Copenhagen is seen as one of the cleanest and perhaps the most environmentally conscious city in the world. In addition, as a foreign student you can have a wonderful time there. You get to know many different cultures and nationalities, because there are already many international students in Denmark. In addition, studying abroad is also very good for your personal development.

    Bringing student finance and Student OV reimbursement
    Chances are that you can simply take the Dutch Student Finance with you. You do have to request this specially through Duo and make sure you read all the conditions carefully. The important ones the condition that is set is that it must be a complete education. So a full Bachelor study or Master study. In addition, you can also request a monthly reimbursement for the Public Transport Student that you do not use in the Netherlands. This is around 90 euros extra.

    In Denmark: free study and a part-time job
    Finding a part-time job in Denmark is very difficult if you don't speak the language. That is why it is advisable to do a language course when you plan to stay in Denmark for a long time. When you study within the EU, you do not need a work permit as a student to be allowed to work. Your residence permit is based on being an EU student and that means that you can work alongside it and there is no limit on the number of hours. You will, however, have to register with the municipality because you and your employer need a personal number. You will also have to report yourself to the tax authorities. In addition, it is also wise to open a bank account in the destination country.

    Disadvantages of a study in Denmark
    Expensive standard of living in Denmark
    Although it is a free study, life is considerably more expensive in Denmark, with food, clothing and going out. But compared to Norway it is not so bad. In large cities such as Copenhagen, life is very expensive. If you go more into the smaller cities and the countryside, you will find that life there is already cheaper. Also, you will not easily find a cheap room in Copenhagen. You will end up in the price range of 400-600. In other smaller cities in Denmark, finding a room is a lot easier and the room rates will also be lower. The rooms are usually in a considerably better condition than the Dutch student rooms. On average you have to think of a monthly budget of around 800 euros. Although the prices are higher, the wages are too.

    Two-year Master's degree in Denmark
    Almost without exception, all Masters in Denmark are 2 years old. A single one lasts a year, but these are often preparatory Masters for, for example, a research Master. There is of course nothing wrong with the fact that the Masters in Denmark last a year longer. In fact, you learn much more and your diploma may therefore be worth more. The problem is that you only receive four years of student finance from the Dutch government. You will therefore have to look carefully at whether a possible extension is possible, whether you can get an amount from your host country, or whether you may be able to provide for an extra year of living yourself.

    English language test
    Since you are going to study English in Scandinavia, you must also be able to prove that your English is of such a good level that you can participate in the lectures without any problems. These tests are unfortunately quite expensive to have taken. So weigh this against the fact that it is a free study. The most common tests are the TOEFL and the IELTS test. Remember that the tests are only valid for 2 years, so make sure you are admitted within those 2 years.

    From home
    Besides that going abroad is very adventurous and exciting, you can of course also get a little homesick. That is very normal and not bad. The advantage of studying in Denmark is that you can travel to the Netherlands easily and quickly and also relatively cheaply. Unfortunately there is no Ryan Air in Copenhagen yet, but that seems to be coming in the coming years. In Copenhagen, however, they do have Norwegian Airlines with which you can return to Amsterdam for 73 euros. You can also travel by bus with Eurolines. It is less comfortable but it can be very cheap if you book in advance. You board in Copenhagen and you can get off in multiple cities in the Netherlands.

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