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    How Goddesses Of All Cultures Inspire Cosmetic Brands?

    A few years ago I started my blog to get closer to the earth and all its beauty. This desire made me embark on a journey that included lonely walks through the woods, diving in crystal clear seas and meditation practices through Kundalini yoga.

    'Woman Putting On Makeup' - Image Credits: Flickr Under Creative Common Licence

    One day, after a moment of stillness, I got a message: it creates beauty and luminosity for women in a nutritious way, says activist Shiva Rose, creator of The Local Rose blog and the cosmetic brand that bears her name. And it seems that it has not been the only one that has been inspired by the feminine divine energy.

    A feminist self-care is waking away from the elitist cliche that the welfare field had years ago, confirmed Global Wellness Institute before the surprising increase of companies, brands and cosmetic products for women created by women.

    We are witnessing a Goddess Revolution, the Goddess returns with strong vibrations and women's circles are becoming more frequent. Instagram accounts like @Goddess_rising is followed by a community of 81.6 thousand followers eager to awaken her true feminine essence.

    There are more and more training of old-fashioned priestesses, such as when they gathered in circles to listen, learn and teach when they tuned in to the natural cycles and phases of the moon.

    The empowerment of women is on the rise, confirmed by the growing creation of brotherhoods or private clubs only for women, such as New Women Space in Brooklyn or WMN Space, in Los Angeles. And before so much wiggling for women, it is not surprising that the beauty industry, and in particular the cosmetics industry, has echoed by baptizing its new creatures with suggestive goddess names.

    If you want to awaken all your sensual potential and feel your body like that of a goddess, here are some small secrets to reach the stars of the divine kingdom:

    Goddess is a heavenly perfume. Enigmatic and evocative. With a sexy and mysterious point at the same time, as if an aphrodisiac recipe amphora had been treasured since the beginning of time as the greatest treasure.

     It contains Oud from sustainably managed nurseries in Thailand; Caledonian smoked sandalwood that adds intensity and spirituality to the mix; sensual jasmine; and the Damascus rose, handpicked at dawn in Turkey, brings a feminine and loving air to the whole.

    What goddess vibrates inside you? Then invest it! This body oil formulated for the delicate area of the chest already says it all. A synergy of vegetable oils (pomegranate, macerated bellis, jojoba, hemp ...) that restore elasticity and turgidity, and essentials (rosewood, always alive and myrtle, regenerate and beautify) perfect for women who feel stressed since their aroma Citrus helps fight fatigue.

    It infuses feelings of energy and positivism, encourages peace and harmony with oneself. A plus: it has a holistic balancing action thanks to the synergy of essential oils that promote joy and femininity and revitalize the mind.

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