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    Korean Beauty: Why Triple Cleansing Is Essential For Radiant Skin

    We tell you why it works and step by step to optimize its effects.

    'Korean Beauty' - Image Credits: Flickr Under Creative Common Licence

    We were told by our family pharmacists when we asked them about the perfect bag for the summer months: the most important step now and always is a good cleansing of the face. In summer, especially because the heat and sweat make our skin more dirty ... But, just as sunscreen is essential every day of the year (and not only those who sunbathe), as much or more It is the cleaning of the face done thoroughly twice a day.

    The first to realize this were the Korean women: They are obsessed with cleaning their faces correctly because they know that it is the first step towards the final goal: a shiny, moisturized and soft skin, says Charlotte Cho in her book. Korean beauty secrets for radiant skin.

    Or, what is the same: the most recognized and envious 'good face effect' and 'porcelain skin' that in Korea knew before anyone else and that moved to the whole world thanks to cases such as Lilin Yang, founder of Miin Cosmetics: At 14, when I was still living in China, my mother gave me my first batch of facial care. At 16, I bought cosmetics with my money for the first time; I opted for something basic: a cream and a cleanser.

    She knew it from a young age and, when she moved to Spain, she wanted to bring her favorite products so that European women also knew them. And it is that the Korean beauty ritual is not only an obligation when the day ends - as it still is for many people - but an entire experience: What we like most about the Korean beauty routine is that it is a few minutes a day that you dedicate yourself exclusively to feel and be better, adds Yang in his book The Korean Art of Skin Care.

    Apparently, it is very true and not coincidental that the fashion of Korean cosmetics came years ago to stay and achieve the most important in terms of skin care: inform well about the care it needs. And here, our friends of Miin Cosmetics have had a lot to do...

    We can talk about double or triple cleaning; in fact the important thing is the concept of deep cleaning. The steps only respond to the type of product we need and its function. It is not about repeating the same process two or three times for marketing reasons, but using what really works. If we could only stay with one step of the routine, without a doubt the one that we should not eliminate is that of double cleaning (or triple).

    1. Out the makeup

    To start, we must remove the remains of makeup. The most important areas: eyes and lips, which often carry very resistant products.

    In the triple cleaning the first step would be a two-phase make-up remover for eyes and lips (although if we weren't made-up it would not be necessary). This step is important because the area around the eyes and lips is more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin and that is why we need softer products and something that is very effective so as not to have to rub in excess.

    * The ideal product for this is a special two-phase make-up remover for the most delicate areas and more effective for the make-up removal process.

    2. General cleaning

    The next thing is to clean everything that has stuck to our skin throughout the day: such as the remains of pollution or the treatments we have been applying.

    After that step we would continue with an oily based cleaner, it can be make-up oil or a balm, the important thing is that the base is oily. It is necessary to remove not only makeup, but also other products that we have applied on our skin such as moisturizer or sunscreen (indispensable every day!): That is why when they ask us if we have to do the double cleaning even if we do not make up The answer is always yes.

    3. Goodbye to impurities

    Finally we need to get rid of impurities and dead cells that our own skin has generated.

    Next we apply a water-based make-up remover can be a gel or a foam. This step is what cleanses the skin. We must not forget that the previous step what has been done has been to remove the product, so now we must work directly on the 'naked' skin. In this way we managed to do a deep cleaning, removing dead cells and other dirt that helps clean the pores and minimize them. The pores will never be able to close because through them the skin perspires, but it is true that, by keeping the skin clean, the pore is visibly smaller.

    * They serve and work well than anything your usual gel or foam, since they are the ones that penetrate and better prepare the skin.

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