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    The ABC Of Cosmetics: AA, BB, CC Or DD Cream?

    They are already part of the usual vocabulary in beauty routines and, even so, there are still doubts about which one to choose. The experts clarify it.

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    At the pace they go, cosmetic firms will end up encompassing the entire alphabet with each new release. The BB creams started, the CC followed, and the AA and DD triumph.

    Some brands have tried to carry the singing voice and have launched their EE products (gently moisturize and exfoliate, although they do not withdraw like traditional scrubs), FF (with active against signs of fatigue and color) and GG (makeup, tan and nourishes). However, the latter have not set in the industry and there are few companies that decide to release their version.

    Each of the creams was born with a clear objective, and some of them are an evolution of the previous ones to treat other types of skin. Not all of them are worth the same, and depending on the quality of the skin one must opt ​​for one or the other. This is the guide you need to know which one to lean to the next time you go to equip your bag with the basics of your personal care.

    BB creams, the pioneers

    Its acronym comes from Blemish Balm, which would translate as anti-imperfection balm. They were created in the 60s in Germany, and dermatologists used it to heal and hide the scars and marks of their patients after undergoing aggressive procedures such as intense facial peeling .

    From there, they made the jump to Korea, where women incorporated it into their daily personal care routine and made it their beauty secret. This is how the world boom they still enjoy was generated .

    They are, at the same time, a beauty product and a makeup base. With a single application, the skin achieves a zero defects effect, says David Rodríguez, trainer and makeup artist at Clarins . They are recommended for dull and tired skin. Marianna Graziadei, commercial executive director for Italy and the Mediterranean countries of Avon, explains why: In addition to concealing imperfections, wrinkles and eliminating shine, they help hydrate, protect and brighten the skin.

    Thus, a healthy appearance is achieved. Although any skin can use them, they are more effective in complexions up to 30 years. The treatment they contain may fall short to cover all the needs of the skins from about thirty. For mature skin it works as a substitute for the background of makeup, says Rodríguez.

    CC creams, natural evolution

    If the baptized as BB did not convince all skins, the science of solving it was already in charge. The mature dermis also claimed their product two in one, which not only covered them (more and better), but worked as a treatment.

    And that's where the CCs come in, whose acronym can come from Color Control (color control) or Corrector Cream (corrective cream). They offer more intense levels of ingredients and antioxidants to improve skin tone and provide a natural and radiant finish, says Susana Utrillo, coordinator of the Montibello beauty technical team .

    They offer much more coverage than the previous ones, so they cover the most pronounced imperfections and, since they do not have oils in their formula, it fits with mixed and oily skin. Being so covered, the result is not as nude as the BB. Its benefits are focused on improving the overall appearance of the skin and are aimed at older skin, adds Utrillo.

    DD creams, against damage from outside

    Its name gives a hint about its operation: Daily Defense (daily protection) or Dynamic Do All (multipurpose). Its main function: to defend against the effects that external agents cause on the skin.

    They include, for example, sun protection factor, which although many BBs now integrate it, they originally did not have it, so they are suitable for spring and summer. And it does not stay there. As they indicate from the platform of sale of online pharmacy products Promofarma , sometimes it even activates melanocytes and can be self tanning.

    They help to get color progressively.  Of course, they also integrate treating assets, which makes them suitable for mature and dry skin.

    AA creams, the most powerful anti-aging

    Anti-Aging They seek to minimize the signs of skin aging, so they would be recommended for the most damaged skin. Among the most prominent active ingredients, we find hyaluronic acid, retinol or vitamin A, said Promofarma.

    Of course, experts warn: you can never replace an anti-aging cream without color, because the amount of these ingredients is lower in AA. They are used as a complement to the usual cream and to cover more effectively than just with makeup. Because of their nutritional properties, they are especially suitable for drier skin.

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