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    The Rage For Natural Deodorants: Which Ones Are The Best?

    The cleanest and healthiest formulas are here to stay. Now, in addition, they do it with the most attractive formats and 'packaging' that also succeed on Instagram.

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    What is a natural deodorant? To begin with, we must know and differentiate: when the distinction between deodorant

    •  The one that neutralizes the bad smell thanks to the presence of antibacterial substances in its composition.
    •  And antiperspirant - which controls and reduces the production and release of sweat is already clear the skin thanks to chemicals such as aluminum salts.

    Moreover, that none of them is related to breast cancer (according to the National Cancer Institute), the cosmetic world has gone a step further eliminating the antiperspirant factor of this type of product and formulating the classic deodorant from other more ecological and healthy principles.

    Thus, a natural deodorant is basically one that in its formulation does not contain aluminum, alcohol, sulfates, parabens or palm oil. On the contrary, these are natural, toxic, ecological and 100% healthy formulas that are made from essential oils.

    Alcohol and aluminum are eliminated by eliminating that path towards the natural in a more or less extreme way. These deodorants play with the thesis of,If all my cosmetics are clean, if I try to eat well, if I look for clothes with less possible trace of waste, will I use a deodorant that is not consistent with that?

    In the end they are part of a global lifestyle that does not want to have cracks. In addition, the use of aluminum in that area of ​​the body is not recommended.

    1. Cowshed Fresh Deodorant Spray

    It is made with herbs and contains shea butter and aloe vera (which soothes) from organic farming that soothe and condition the skin.

    The formula is also made with essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and lemongrass, which are prized for their antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and, in addition, is spray free.

    2. Fine Deodorant of Fine

    It is a unisex deodorant in organic and 100% vegan cream formulated with vetiver and geranium. Its aroma is extremely attractive for both men and women and is also available in a glass jar.

    3. T'eo LUSH solid deodorant

    Made from super absorbent sodium bicarbonate to keep your skin dry while a team of natural and antibacterial ingredients (such as juniper, tea tree and lemon oil) prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your body fresh and comfortable.

    4. Freshly Cosmetics Active Protection Deodorant

    It incorporates natural ingredients that capture the bad smell, prebiotics and painkillers that promote the growth of the native microbiota, protect the skin from external aggressions and improve the overall health of the armpit area. With quick drying texture and a fresh mint and lemon perfume.

    5. The Deo Girls by ZAMA

    A certified organic roll-on that has a deodorant and purifying action and is specially formulated for adolescents with Aloe Vera and Malva extracts; It is delicate and refreshes the skin without staining clothes.

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