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    What Are Anti-Pollution Shampoos And When Should We Use Them?

    Has it occurred to you to think that when there are high levels of pollution and you go outside, your hair loses its shine and suffocates? The new washing lines have done so and offer specific detox cures.

    'Girl Hair' - Image Credits: Flickr Under Creative Common Licence

    We live in the era of detox: the organism, the skin and even digital. So far we had not thought about hair, but experts say that both fiber and scalp are also affected by pollution, tobacco smoke and even kitchens.

    The toxins, residues and particles in suspension to which we are subjected daily are deposited in the keratin fibers, causing pores in the composition of the hair structure. This becomes opaque, damaged and lifeless.

    Now that we know, we are going to remedy it by taking advantage of cosmetic developments: micellar waters that capture impurities while leaving the surface nourished while cleaning.  Active ingredients such as water mint that have been shown to decontaminate nature (according to a study by the University of Tsinghua with Klorane), masks with antioxidants such as vitamin E and orange extract, soothing and balancing oils.

    How do we apply it? We have gathered the advice of the experts, and this is what they have told us.

    Avoid shampoos with surfactants

    It is very important that the cosmetic lines are respectful of the hair as well as the skin, avoid those that contain them and damage the fiber and the preservatives that can cause contact dermatitis.

    Experts recommend antioxidant product’s one clue: if they have surfactants they usually foam and appear on the label with the terms sodium lauryl sulphate (LS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), etc.

    Alternate with micellars

    If you are already addicted to micellar water to clean the face for how comfortable it is and how hydrated the skin leaves, wait to try the shampoos: they are free of silicones, clean in depth and provide nutrients while respecting the health of hair and scalp.

    Use Pre-Shampoo masks

    They remove dirt and dust, pollution and styling products from the scalp and do not cake, when applied before washing. From Phyto they add that they allow the scalp to breathe, and that the mane gains body and volume.

    Use 'repellent' masks

    Look for formulas capable of reducing the adhesion of contaminating particles, with assets that exert a protective action.

    Beware of strict diets

    The deficiencies, common in unsupervised slimming diets, cause alterations in the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids and in the keratinization of the hair.

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