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    Why You Should Take A Vacation Between Two Jobs?

    After incorporating the honeymoon and the babymoon , why not take a vacation at the end of one job and before starting another?

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    Making a kit kat between two work periods has become fashionable. There are those who choose a hotel to get rid of stress, charge batteries and reset themselves, who prefers to get lost in a mountain shelter or stay at home: the case is to disconnect to reconnect, pause and take a vacation.

    What is the best time? The one that is based on work commitments. We tell you 8 reasons to practice a jobbymoon according to experts:

    Focus on the now

    Stop the usual activity in our mind, go from being clinging to our goals and plans and opening up to letting go, whatever happens. With the pause we interrupt the pressure, we focus on the present moment, explains Elena Antón , psychotherapist at the Deva Clinic. We will gain mental clarity for the new stage.

    Reduce stress and improve the immune system

    According to a study by Harvard University , the vacation effect reduces stress and strengthens defenses. Account Benjamin Blasco, the founder of the Meditation App Petit Bambou that if we add 10 minutes a day of meditation, the benefits last longer: start the new job with better health, physical and mental.

    Break the hamster wheel

    Elena Antón explains that we are addicted to multitasking, especially to plan, order, schedule and perform; When we meet the objective, we automatically look for a new one, needing to stay on the wheel, like a hamster. Breaking it with a vacation requires commitment and brings a lot of well-being .

    Enjoy the no action

    Arianna Calcaterra, director of marketing at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama , a regular destination for jobbymoons, points out how important it is to choose a place to 'not do'.

    Those who sign up for this respite want to disconnect and relax, do the least possible: they seek from a personalized service with recommendations of places to visit or where to eat well, to different relaxation options: views of the ocean, a river, lake or the Mountain, healthy menus (even make a detox cure) and a spa where you can enjoy good massages.

    Not seeing it as a luxury, but as a right that assures us a better decision

    What in Spain, it seems, we see as something exotic and unattainable, in other countries is normalized: enjoy time, even a sabbatical, to decide the professional course. Here we usually study and work hard and see the pause no longer as a luxury, but as a wasted time.

    But it is usual to find people in the clinic from the twenties to the sixties who wonder why they have chosen that path, with some regret for not having taken the calm necessary to carry it out with awareness, says the psychotherapist, who usually recommends make the way to Santiago, meditate, go to a hotel, sign up for a volunteer or any way of being in communion with yourself. In The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, adds Calcaterra,

    It helps to be aware of the limitations

    Elena Antón recommends doing an analysis of what was learned in the previous work and what can be improved on a personal level in the following, and for this, the holiday break can be a good opportunity.

    Improves sleep to decrease anxiety

    Occupational stress coupled with sleep problems triples the risk of death from heart disease, says a recent research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. And on vacation, the dream improves.

    One of the main reasons for insomnia is ruminating worries, remembering things or imagining situations that could alter us, explains Antonio Gallego, an expert in mindfulness, entrepreneurial mentor and collaborator of Petit BamBou, an app that features the Serene Dream program. And before starting a new work adventure, anxiety may be lurking.

    The expert proposes tips to improve our sleep: Bring attention to bodily sensations to avoid mental chatter and relax the body,

    Practice a techno-detox vacation

    95% perceive that their mood improves if they keep their cell phone for a few hours, but 70% consult it as soon as they get up, let's not say during work time.

    To move from the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out or fear of being lost) to the technological detox in your jobbymoon Antonio Gallego proposes to deactivate the notifications, configure the do not disturb so that it activates automatically at night, do not take the mobile to the beach or the pool and recreate the landscape with your eyes instead of through a screen.

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