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    What Nigeria’s president, vice president, state governors and their deputies earn as salaries, allowances
    How much Nigeria's elected public office holders earn has always been a subject of debate among Nigerians, always heated usually with unsubstantiated claims. While majority of Nigerians believe Nigerian politicians collect bigger salaries than what they should get, the politicians have always risen in defence of their take-home pay. For instance, the new president of the Senate and chairman of the National Assembly, Ahmed Lawan, prior to his election, defended the alleged N13.5 million monthly salary being paid to each of the 109 senators in the country. Lawan said the major component of the amount is for oversight assignment allowances. He said there would be no reduction of the amount saying there is nothing like jumbo pay for senators since each of them goes home with about N1 million monthly and allowances for oversight function 

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