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    Young man poisoned by his mother’s best friend on his way to US (+Video)

    A video of a dead young man who was allegedly poisoned has hit online and fast going viral on all the social media platforms.
    According to the reports on the video, the young man was poisoned by his own mother’s best friend through food.
    The reports explained that the young man had won American Lottery and on his way to the airport, her mother’s best friend prepared a sumptuous meal for him to eat in the plane when he is hungry.
    It turned out the food was poisoned and he died in the Airplane after eating the food before the plane touched down in America.
    The video has the mother of the young man weeping bitterly over his corpse. She seems so helpless over the dead son. It is a heartbreaking sight to see.
    It is believed the incident occurred in Nigeria. Sharing the news on social media, one Taiwo Bello wrote:
    SAD. SAD. SAD…This is about a woman whose son won the lottery and they were coming to the US but the best friend of the mom gave them food and the boy ate it on the plane he died when arriving the US.


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