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    If you know anyone suffering from this deadly sickness, either stroke caused spiritually or physically. Prepare and use this remedy and be free from stroke for life. 

    Get ALIGATOR PEPPER (Atare in Yoruba) and any HOT DRINK (Dry Gin)

    PREPARATION: Get few pieces of Alligator Pepper seed in a Bottle of any Hot Drink and Soak for 3-4 days and start taking a small glass cup ' shot' twice daily.
    By using this remedy, STROKE will become a thing of the past even if it is spiritual.

    Lastly don't let scent leaf be far from you at least three times weekly squeeze and drink the juice to clear blood clot in veins/arteries.

    Your healthy living is my concern.

    I don't know if you still like what am doing?

    If you like it comment but if you don't like it please walk away don't comment.

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