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    Best Remedy Tips To Remove Scars On Legs.

     Leg scars can look unsightly & may cause you to feel embarrased about exposing your legs.

     Whether they are as a result of burns,surgery,injuries,chicken pox,acne or insect bites,there is a treatment that will target each.

    Before you choose a treatment,it is essential that you know the scarring you are dealing with,as some treatments will only work for certain types of scars.

    1. Keloid scars: these are large,growth-like scars that result from a wound that heals itself too aggressively. 

    This scar may grow larger over time. They are common with people with darker skin tones.

    2. Hypertrophic scars: 
    these are raised scars which are initially red or pink. They will fade on their own over time. These scars may be as a result of minor burns or surgery and can be itchy.

    3. Atrophic scars: these scars are deep pits that are left after severe acne or chicken pox.

    4. Contracture scars: these scars are usually caused by severe burns and may cover a large area of skin. These scars may feel tight,especially if they around the joints and can potentially limit body movement.

    5. Dark spots: these types of marks are not actually scars, but a type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation usually caused by mosquito or other insect bites.


    1. Keloid scar: get sandalwood powder and mix with rosewater to form a paste. Place this on the scar and make sure they dry off naturally. Wash with cool water. Repeat this whenever neccessary and do for a few months.

    2. Hypetrophic scars: though they fade on their own over time,the use of lemon juice can help that happen faster. 

    Squeeze the juice lemon and soak a cotton ball into the juice. Remove and apply on scar and wait for 10-15mins before washing off.

    3. Atrophic scars: mix Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) in a bowl with same amnt of water and soak a cotton ball in the liquid. Hold the liquid soaked cotton ball against your skin for several mins once or twice daily.

     You can also use rosewater instead of tap water for the mixture for faster healing. Also, try drinking 2tbsp of ACV with honey in a glass of water on a daily basis as well.

    4. Contrature scar: if your 
    contracture scar covers a big area and severly impedes your movement, then you will need to have a surgery or do this natural treatment;
    Onion Extract: take an onion, chop and squeeze out the juice. Apply this juice to affected areas 2-3times daily.

    5. Dark spots: tomato juice mixed with a bit of lemon juice is one of the best remedies. You can take it orally once a day or rub the areas you want to heal with this mixture soaked on a cotton ball.

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