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    The white discharge, also called leucorrhea, is a physiological vaginal secretion in women, whose appearance is quite natural. 
    How do they manifest themselves, what are their roles: insights on this very intimate subject  
    Leucorrhea is a gynecological manifestation characterized by an effusion of fluid through the vagina. It is more commonly called white loss and is usually physiological in nature. But it can also come from an infection and take a greenish color. It can be accompanied by itching and irritation. In these cases, a gynecological examination must be performed to determine the cause that may be bacterial or caused by the presence of a foreign body. 

    WHITE DISCHARGE is secretions produced by the vagina and uterus that appear at the time of puberty and throughout the life of the woman. They appear in the form of losses of white-yellow and wired appearance, at the entrance of the vulva. In women, discharge can occur in the genitals from the vagina. Outside the rules, normal blood flominutes bleeding, abnormal blood flows, losses of different aspects and colors may be present. 

    If odorless, WHITE DISCHARGE is normal and frequent in small amounts during the menstrual cycle, the appearance of SNELLY WHITE DISCHARGE may indicate the presence of a pathology. 
    They are often associated with other annoying symptoms such as mild pain, more frequent urge to urinate, urinary leakage, urinary burning or itching. In all of these cases, a urinary or genital infection is suspected, which may be due to a bacterium, fungus, or parasite.

     Samples of the loss, called leucorrhea, can be made if necessary, and appropriate treatment will be prescribed. In cases of genital infection, partners should also be screened and treated as needed, and sexual intercourse should be protected until recovery.
    REMEDY 1
    # NEEM LEAVES (Dongoyaro)
    # GINGER
    # WATER

    Put all the ingredients in a clean cooking pot
    Add  considerable amount of water.
    Boil for 30 minutes

    Drink 15 cl morning and night for 7 days

    REMEDY 2
    # WATER 

    Pour the  leaves in a clean cooking pot  Add water and leave 
    Boil for 1 hour. 
    Remove it, let it sit and then use the liquid to wash the vaginal area. Repeat this treatment twice a day, for a full week.

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