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    Are you suffering from any of the above the topic?

    These skin tumors that occur frequently in men are called keloids. Non-cancerous, these skin infections in addition to derogating from the rules of elegance, can also become dangerous. They are more remarkable in people with dark complexions. 

    However, men and women are equally likely to have keloids. This pathology begins with a small button that is usually surface after a visit to the barber corner that does not disinfect his instruments and attacks precisely the neck. 

    The formation of a keloid is not a consequence of the severity of the lesion - even mild skin irritation can cause a keloid. 
    In most cases, they form as a result of abnormal wound healing when certain skin cells called fibroblasts produce excessive amounts of collagen. 

    Keloids are usually not painful, but they often cause itching. It is possible that keloids become cancerous, but it is very rare. 

    There is currently no effective method for treating keloids or preventing their formation. However, it is possible to reduce their appearance with the application of a series of home remedies that, thanks to their properties, recover the texture and health of the skin. 

    1- BAKING SODA: 
    In a container, mix a dose of bicarbonate of soda in three doses of hydrogen peroxide and make a kind of paste that you apply directly to the affected area, three to four times a day, for reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. 

    2- LEMON JUICE: 
    Apply a little lemon juice directly to the affected area. Leave on for half an hour and rinse well with warm water. Repeat the treatment every night. 

    3-  WHITE ONION: 
    Dice a white  onion. Put the onion pieces in a tissue and tie a knot. Then crush the onion pieces to extract the juice. Use a cotton ball to apply onion juice to your keloids.

     4- A MIXTURE OF ALOE VERA, mint and bee propolis (powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic), heals keloids, which are benign tumors under the nape, stubborn and expansive (which can spread). Heals wounds, abscesses and all kinds of superficial lesions of the skin. Effectively treats Burili ulcer and restores damaged skin

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