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    Garlic can kill 14 different infections. Garlic destroys all bacteria, viruses, worms, and parasites that are inhabited internally or externally to the body. This natural antibiotic is the biggest killer of all antigens/pathogens, with a stronger effect than any other plant.

    Garlic can also strengthen immunity, but is best known as the deadliest killer of anything that can hurt you.

    Pharmaceuticals antibiotics are non-selective in the destruction of bacteria in your body. They just destroy everything. This creates additional problems, because millions of so-called good bacteria that are needed for the metabolic processes. Because of this, many people, after taking antibiotics, have problems with digestion, with imprisonment and fungal infections.

    An even bigger problem is if antibiotics do not destroy 100% of the bacteria in your body. They usually destroy 99%. The remaining bacteria then mutate and become resistant to the same antibiotic. This creates very dangerous and resistant bacteria.

    On the other hand, garlic is completely selective in the destruction of bacteria, killing only those who harm your body. What is unbelievable is that at the same time garlic stimulates the development of good bacteria and improves intestinal flora and digestion.

    Which bacteria destroys garlic?
    Garlic destroys many bacteria, including streptococcus, staphylococcus, diphtheria, cholera, dysentery, by Vicky chandoria

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