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    16 Simple Ways On How To Impress A Man And Make Him Love you 100%

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    16 Simple Ways On How To Impress A Man And Make Him Love you 100%
    Has it ever bothered you why a particular girl is a darling to so many men? Or have you ever met a lady who is not that attractive but every guy wants to hang out with her? Chances are that at one point you have, and I believe you want to be that girl huh?
    It’s natural to want to go out with the most handsome guy on the planet. The same applies to men. Any great guy would want to date a lady who impresses him. An alpha guy would wish to have the best that life can offer. To please such guys, it would take much more than physical beauty. You need to wow him to a point where he would want you to himself.
    If you want to:
    • Impress a guy and make him date you,
    • Attract a guy’s attention to you and not any other girl in your social circle,
    • Make a guy feel that losing you would be like missing out on something so important,
    • And commit to you,
    Read on and let me show you how to awe that guy in 16 simple ways you never imagined.

    1. Be ambitious and passionate about life

    Nothing impresses men like passion and ambition. If you are passionate and excited about a particular course in your life, it will blow off the men you meet and they would want to be part of it. Having some sense of direction and a plan on how to achieve your dreams can be so refreshing. Men are easily awed by ladies who are passionate about something and have a plan and a strategy in place on how to make their dreams a reality.
    • Find out what ticks you and go for it. It can be a new project at work, a new course that would warrant that promotion or even take part in community projects that give you are passionate about.
    • Invest in yourself and keep improving your life.

    2. Intelligence

    It’s time to drop that old myth that men are intimidated by intelligent women. Who wants a dumb lady anyway? Real men are never afraid of smart ladies. Intelligence impresses them and makes them want you for themselves. Be well informed on current issues, hold intelligent conversations, teach that guy a thing or two, and debate on matters soberly. Show that guy that you can find solutions in your life, and he will want to show you off to his friends.
    • Your man will love it more when you offer intelligent suggestions that would help solve a problematic issue. Always sniff around for new opportunities that would better your life and don’t wait for everything to be done for you. It makes you more of a burden and no man loves that.
    • Do your best in everything you set out to do, read more and be upbeat with the current events.

    3. Engage him in debates and make sure you win

    If you are looking for ways of how to impress a man, show him you’ve got wit. Take it a notch higher and outwit him in any social debate you engage in.
    Apply your intelligence in any discussion and be smart at it, lively, talkative (in a good way), slightly imprudent and energetic and you will wow that guy.
    • Always remember, for you to win beat him in social debates, you have to be informed. Read widely and learn the new trends

    4. Don’t be too negative

    It’s natural that the guy you are trying to impress may be passionate about something you find so awful. Don’t make a fuss out of it. You can voice your opinion, but positively. Listen to him and share your honest ideas without being rude.
    It is, however, important not to be a pushover. Always speak out when you don’t like something. Let the guy know you are opinionated. It makes you stand out. No guy wants a woman who agrees with everything he says.
    • Don’t be over critical in everything he does; try to support him in his hobbies, work or interests. You may end up finding some of them quite interesting than you thought.
    • You should, however, not keep quiet if you don’t like something. learn to speak the truth and let him know your stand.

    5. Tame his ego

    Don’t allow any man to take you for granted. It’s simply unacceptable. Nobody has a right to mistreat you. If he misbehaves, you can punish him to make him come back to his senses. Let him not feel like he is the best thing that ever happened to you and that you can’t live without him.
    Challenge him when he wants to get a little ahead of himself, and it will keep him impressed with you.
    • You don’t have to put him on a pedestal. It may make them happy for a while, but it might not yield much.
    • There is no need of keeping quiet when he is wrong. Be very strict on your deal breakers and let him know there are repercussions when he breaks any.

    6. Be active, energetic and be the face of that party

    Men love and are easily impressed with ladies who are lively. Who wants to go out with a dull lady anyway? It’s not fun at all. Laugh at his jokes, dance and enjoy the party after all, you came to the club to have fun so loosen up. It’s never that serious.
    • Show him you are having a great time with him. It will impress him and make him want to impress you more.
    • Just be yourself and enjoy the party, don’t be too shy to talk or dance.

    7. Be kind and loving to everyone you meet including men

    Men love some little competition. It fires them up big time. Show kindness to people irrespective of their social status. It makes a man want you more.
    Remember you are not dating this man already. Don’t lock yourself. Interact with other great guys. No man would want another man to take his girl. If he realizes that other guys have their eyes on you, he will put in extra effort to win you under their noses.
    • Try and mingle with other great guys. Show him, that you still have other options available to you. This will make him put more effort in winning you over for fear of losing you to the next great guy.

    8. Be independent and always offer to pay your bills

    Nothing impresses a man like an independent woman. A man wants to date a lady who is strong on her own. Don’t be too clingy and don’t be over-dependent on your friends. Offer to foot your bills when you go out. It will impress him greatly.
    • Make it a habit of going out alone. It communicates positively about you and makes the man see you as an equal should he take the relationship to the next level.
    • Have your own money and learn t sort out your personal issues. Don’t be the kind of lady who always needs financial assistance.

    9. Dress well, smell great and always stay fresh

    This one is a no-brainer. Men are visual, and they love it when their ladies to stand out. Flaunt those beautiful curves and put on those heels unapologetically, but don’t be vulgar. Dress well when you are around him. Make him feel proud of you. If you impress everyone around you with your dressing, that guy will never want to let you go.
    Try different fragrances and settle on one that suits your taste and personality. Hug him and let your fragrance linger. Men love it and it will keep him hooked.
    • Don’t ever dress shabbily, it only shows that you don’t pay attention to his feelings and that will only act against you.
    • When going on a date, put on that s3xy dress, have your nails done and your eyebrows fixed. Just look dam hot for him. You don’t want his eyes off you, right? give him something to feed his imaginations.

    10. Be a little naughty

    This one is a bit tricky because overdoing it may send wrong messages to him. Try and tease your guy but don’t be too obvious. Sit really close to him and watch his body language. Make it look unintentional and be careful not to send the wrong signals. It will blow off his imaginations and this could be a plus to you. The idea here is to impress him right?
    • Flirt with him and watch his reactions. A little seduction won’t hurt so up your seduction skills but make sure you don’t send wrong signals. You don’t want to appear too cheap.

    11. Don’t be too easy

    We all know that everything worth having takes some hard work. Nobody wants to be offered anything on a silver platter. Real men love challenges. The longer you keep him interested in you, the better. You may have fallen in love with him but don’t show it out rightly. Let the guy work hard to win you over. This is a sure way of how to impress a man.
    • Be sure that the guy really loves you before committing to anything serious. There is no point of giving out your heart to someone who was just passing time.
    • Delay s3x until you are completely sure he is into you and want to be in a relationship with you.

    12. Spontaneity would do you some good

    Be spontaneous and alive. Nobody wants to date a boring lady. Spontaneity makes a man see you as relationship material and adventurous. You can easily impress him by making him feel that you are not afraid of whatever life throws your way.

    With this trait, he will feel attracted to you beyond measures. He will know that with you, he can face anything that comes his way.

    13. Arouse his curiosity

    Don’t be too predictable. Keep him guessing who you are. Nothing impresses the alpha male like women who are continually evolving. Be sweet to him and treat him nicely but be very firm when he misbehaves. Show him that you can be so good at the same time be his worst enemy.
    Don’t be so clingy to the extent that you’ll always want to be with him. Go out with friends and spend some quality time alone. It will make him want to know what you are up to.

    14. Surprise him by organizing some cool fun activity

    Come up with some brilliant idea on how you can spend some quality time together. It will make an impression on him. Plan something simple but unique. It will awe him and make him look at you differently.
    • Don’t go with every girl’s idea of a cool date. Let it be something that will leave lasting memories on both of you.

    15. Just respect yourself

    To earn respect from the people around you, you’ve got to respect yourself, lady. You are the only one who determines how you want to be treated. Set boundaries and let the people around you know that there are limits they can never cross.
    Let the man know that you do things on your terms. If you decide to take the relationship a notch higher, let it be out of your own volition. It will impress him even more and make him have mad respect for you.

    16. Have confidence and some self-worth

    Confidence crowns it all. You can only do the above things when you are confident. Men love confident women. Be a woman who can stand on her own and command some respect. When you are confident, it radiates, and people around you quickly see it. It shows you don’t let fear rule you. You have that constant believe that no matter what life throws your way, you will handle it. Tell me any man who is not awed by such a woman.
    • Place some value on yourself always and let that be the standard which people will use to treat you. If anyone does not conform to your set standards, you have the right to kick them out of your life.
    Every woman wants to date a cool dude. The same applies to men. Men want that chic they can easily show off to their friends without getting embarrassed. Be that woman who leaves a wow effect on the men you meet. It takes more than your pretty face.
    It’s more of bringing out that confident girl in you. Have the guts to go out of your way to show the man you are interested and that you are the best among your circle of friends and losing you will be his loss. Let him know you have more to offer besides your pretty face and s3xy body. It’s never that difficult. Use the above tips and learn how to impress a man without a hassle.
    I wish you all the happiness.

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